Monday, May 25, 2009


Finally I have my facebook account. Amazing! I am so proud of myself. I have my own farm town too. I am still learning about it. Most of my colleagues here are addicted to it and so I have created an account too. When I was chatting with this guy a week ago he asked me if I have farmtown and I didn't have a single clue what he was talking about.

I feel so ancient and so lost that I haven't even opened my friendster account. And now its time for me to upgrade and be "in." I am planning to learn online gaming too next week if I still have time. Gawd. I don't know how I can fit in all of these things. I have to learn Spanish this time and still has a book to finish and work and farmtown.

Anyway most of the guys that I met are online gamers. They always talked about the games that they played online and I don't have any idea it. I'm gonna be busy harvesting my goods. Is anyone here addicted with facebook?


  1. i dont play farmtown. but my OCness kicks in with PET SOCIETY.

  2. ahahahaha kao din... more pet society more fun....

    bongga ng facebook....

  3. hey im playing Mafia Wars sali ka minsan. nasa profile ko yung email add ko.

  4. galit ako sa facebook. it's a personal thing. but everyone in my family has an account (except for me of course). minsan nga di ako makapaginternet kasi nagfafacebook nanay ko. strange talaga.

  5. hmmm.add mo aman

    paborito ko yung suck my lollipop...pun intended

    may balita po ba kayo kay mink? hindi ko na kasi ma-access blog niya..tsktsk

  6. Farmtown is <3.

    It's so zen.

    Restaurant city ka rin!

  7. care to share your FB account?

  8. @jason
    @ turismoboi

    im using the email add

  9. @jinjiruks: I'll try to play mafia wars if I have the time. :)

  10. I like vampire wars... its an old game already though...

    I'm crazy about poker online... hahaha