Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Money, money, money!

I have decided to get just a one day off for this week. From what had happened last week I look forward on my day off for this week. However, I have decided just to get a one day off for this week and spend the rest working.

School is about to begin and I have to save money for my tuition fees. I am thinking of other ways to earn money. I am planning to start a business and I just don't know what kind of business to start. I've been thinking a lot about how to earn money these days. I planned to join a mutual fund but a friend advised me about the risk of mutual funds so I might just have a time deposit. It would earn some interest too and the rate is higher compared to regular deposits and its safer. But if I don't take the risk then I won't earn much too but I am just new about and I still have to learn a lot.

I am planning to invest just a few parts of my savings into a mutual fund this would help me learn about the trade too. I still consider experience as a great teacher.


  1. curious rin kasi ako kung san mas safe magtago ng pera kung sa mutual funds o mga government bonds.

  2. Money Honey- Lady Gaga haha. tama sila, be safe

  3. go for time depo given current market volatility. but if your time horizon at medium to long-term, go for mutual funds as prices right now are depressed. but don't expect a smooth ride. choose a fund manager with a proven track record in both bull & bear mkts.

    govt bonds are safer than the MFs since these are principal-guaranteed by the issuers (or borrowers). MFs dont have principal protection but they offer potentially higher returns

    naks serious!

  4. correction:time horizon IS (medium or long term means: di mo kelangan yung perang yun for at least 3 yrs)

    seryoso talaga!

  5. spend the rest working. - My God!

    me too... i'm tired of working. i want to start a business. good luck saten!