Friday, May 8, 2009

new tenant

I am almost done transferring my things to my new place. I felt sad that I am going to leave this place but due to financial reasons, I have to. I would surely miss my friendly neighbors who are always there to prepare for my food, McDonalds and Jollibee. I will surely miss them. Anyway, I have planned to sleep for the last time in my old place. As I opened the room, the familiar scent filled my nostrils. I don't really like the smell of the room at first but later on I get used to it. I wonder who will be the new tenant in this place. I decided to wrote a letter, just like in the movie Lakehouse.

My letter needs a lot of editing, I supposed. Please help me to correct it. I have placed a written one already but I am planning of changing it. What if the next tenant is an English teacher? He might file a lawsuit or my letter can be used as a bad example in class. I'm having nightmares, just thinking about it.

Below is my letter.

Dear new tenant,

Hi there, welcome to your new place. I wish I could be the first one to welcome you and not the foul smell of the room but I can't. I hope you like this place. I didn't like it here at first. The foul smell, the rats, cockroaches and the room itself. But the place has a very strategic location from where I work and from my school too. If you are working at night and is usually sleeping by day you'll find great comfort in this room. Try turning off the lights and you'll be blinded by its total darkness. Aside from being dark the room is cold too. It is comfortable to sleep at noon even without an air conditioner or a fan. When it rains outside, you would hardly notice it.

I have left some of the magazines and a book for you to read. I place them on top of the closet together with this letter because the owner might get them. I seldom lock my doors yet nothing was stolen from me during my entire stay here. I don't know the names of the lodgers here, but the place is safe. The guy next to this room is a nursing student, the one in front of you is a girl with her boyfriend. As I leave the place the room before this is empty, the previous boarder left because the got laid-off from her job due to recession. I hardly talked to them, just a "hi" and "hello" sometimes. I don't even know their names, not even one of them. I have stayed here for a year. Most of the boarders here are nursing student, are you?

There is a library just near here, I used to go there when I don't have work. Most of the novels and books that I completed reading are there, I donated them there. There is a dunkin donuts here too, its open 24 hours and I used to study there at night. If you are looking for a laundry shop, there is a cheap I know. Just cross the street of the coffee shop then you'll find a pharmacy, turn left when you reach the next block, their rate is P28.00/kilo others are P30.00/kilo. There is a near water station here too where you can buy cheaper water to drink. They're selling it for P15.00 for a six liter container but if you befriend the attendant he'll give it to you for only P10.00.

Jollibee and McDonals are friendly neighbors. That is one great thing about this place. As long as you have the money, you'll never go hungry. That can serve as your motivation too, to work hard or even harder.

You might be wondering why I am writing this letter to you. You are right, I have seen it from Lake house starring Keannu Reeves. Is it true that he is gay? They said he is. If you happen to be a boy, I am free during Wednesday and Thursday. I go drinking sometimes. There is a bar just right across here, I go there sometimes, alone. If you are a girl, send my regards to your boyfriend or to your brother. But if you think you are a beautiful girl, I can go straight for you. I am not good looking but I have good taste for girls. So if we hit the bed it means that you are indeed beautiful, if not, then its all hearsay. Don't believe them or even your mother.

If you don't like the magazines and the book, please don't throw them away. Just keep it where it is, if you can. The next tenant might find it useful.

the previous tenant.


  1. the letter is so amusing. i wish someone left me a letter when i was still dorm-ing. i'm sure s/he'll like it just as it is. :D

    ps. if you really want it edited, i can send it to u in an email.

  2. haha and the letter turned out to be "flirty" now you're looking for a date!kidding!LOL

  3. i think you should send this one as is.

  4. hihihi the xoxo gives a fine touch.

  5. I thought you are going to confess about your sexuality when you wrote about the Keannu Reeves thing. lol!. this one is nice though. so cute. :p

  6. i like this one. this is great. do leave the letter for the next tenant to read. you'll never know what can happen next. :)

  7. NO NEED FOR EDITING..the letter is way too god for the next tenant not to notice..hehehe