Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How gross!

I once asked myself if I am a normal person or not. I am confused. I sometimes asked them if they feel the same way and their answers are almost the same and mine is totally different. Just for example, I asked them if they have a crush towards their cousins or any member of the family. They said that they don't. I do. I mean not just like a sort of admiration, not just like how I feel towards Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or Madonna. Something more than that. Something like how I feel towards Ian Veneracion, Daniel Radcliffe and those hunks in Hollywood, something like that. I dream that I can be with them in bed and make love to them. They don't think that this is normal, me too, I guess. I can't really say that this is not right. Well, I know that some people are not open about the idea or marriage within the family. I have a first degree cousin who got married to our second or third degree cousin, I am not sure. The marriage caused a stir in our little barangay. I know that not all people are open about this kind of thing. But I am. I guess because I like my cousins. I am not a good looking person and so are they.

I am free today. No work. I want to spend my entire day inside my room and just read some books. I joined in a chatroom and someone posted this video. I can't find the right words to describe if this is gross, insane or something. But I find the video disgusting. Its like I want to throw up. I want to commit suicide but definitely not this way. Not this kind of thing. I just want to puke right now. For those of who are interested this is the link . This video is not for the faint hearted. Gawd.


  1. hindi ko ma view dito sa office, pag-uwi na lang. ayan kana naman may suicidal tendencies na naman. care to share your burden?

  2. how can i help bro?im just a text away..0927-756-2490

  3. OMG?!?!?!??!?!?!?! IS THAT FER REAL?!?!?! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway. about the family thing- i dunno. incest is one of my fetishes-so for me, i find it normal.

    people have different views-so it really depends on how you we all see some things normal while others aren't.

  4. wtf?! ang gross nung video!!! *suka suka* nacurious tuloy ako dun sa 2 girls 1 cup. iniiwasan ko yung video but i figured after seeing that poor guy, what could be worse... *suka suka*

    define normal. no one's normal. we're all strange in our own ways. i say whoever thinks he's normal is abnormal. :D

  5. ian veneracion? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  6. i didnt' watch the video, the still frame was enough for me to vomit and fill in the blanks in my mind. normal or not by collective standards, every human has their unique truth that struggles to find its clear and meaningful expression. it is when we avoid the necessary suffering of expressing that truth that we go crazy.

  7. grabe naman ang taong yun na nasa video kung sino man siya.

    parang gusto ko siya SAPAKIN!

  8. the video is much more stupid than 2G1C. eew!

  9. just have to come back. minutes passed after watching the video sumakit talaga ulo ko. waaah! well at least i learned 1 thing. don't use anything that could break. hahahah!

  10. talagang tinakpan ko ang bibig ko habang pinanonood ang vid... wish ko lang, peke yun hehe

    @incest thingy... mmm, pass muna ako, hintayin ko muna kung darating ka dun ;)

  11. Karen: So, you have your cousins, and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins...
    Gretchen: No, honey, uh-uh.
    Karen: That's not right, is it?
    Gretchen: That is so not right.
    - Mean Girls.

    :-) This post made me think.


    Karen: do you know ho looks fine tonight?
    Gretchen: who?
    Karen: Shane Omens.