Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nuclear Power Plant

"Should the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant be recommissioned?," asked Solita Monsod. I have a subject before in college, it was all about statistics. There is a marginal error for every study, is all that I can remember. Even though, a lot of people depends on statistics. Statistics can guide us in order to prevent or avoid common errors. From businessmen to politicians before they make decisions they have to look carefully into the data provided to them to make sure that they result of their actions are favorable.

If we are going to compare the rate of electricity that we are paying to other countries ours is a little bit high. Statistics can show that. I am not sure if the media is still talking about this issue today. I watched this video way back in March, I think. While Greenpeace prepare for a rally and others don't care. After watching the video my stand about the issue has changed. I think I should have do more research before I take my stand about this issue.

This is the some of the information I get while watching the video of Prof. Solita Monsod.
1.) BNPP may produce Php2.50/kwh vs. Napocor's Php4.50/kwh.
2.) The nearest active fault from BNPP is 65 km away and the safest distance should be 5 km.
3.) The distance from the nearest volcano should be at least 6 times the height of the volcano and that is Mt. Natib with a height of 1253 meters, multiplied by 6 is 7 kilometers and BNPP is 13km away.
4.) Japan has 55 operating nuclear plants and 2 plants under construction and 11 plants in advance stages. France is another example too, it is where Germany and some other European countries get their power supply.
5.) Global safety of nuclear power plants:
accidents between 1970 - 1992:
a. coal = 6400 workers
b. natural gas = 1200 workers and public
c. hydro = 4,000 public
d. nuclear = 31 workers
She added that there have been 2 major accidents to nuclear power plants in 32 countries. In 1979 the Three Mile Island no casualties and Chernobyl which is found in the soviet bloc.

In my opinion, we have spent for this plant already. Years before I was born and someone of us are born, we are already paying for this. The government completed paying for this project in April 2007, source is wikipedia. As long as the plant passes the safety standards I am not against its operation, just like Prof. Solita Monsod.
I don't know, I'm not really an expert about this issue. But I'd rather look into the figures and stats rather than take counsel on my fears.

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  1. i just cant believe that you still manage to stay sane despite being so late at night.

    this post made me remember about our contry's countless white elephants.i hope they'll work the plant out soon though. I know that it would be a great help to our economy.

  2. grabe nangyari sa Chernobyl. ewan ko siguro sa takot na lang kung bakit ayaw nilang buksan ang Bataan Power Plant

  3. i just hope before they could decide to open those facilities, an accurate and thorough-research has been made...

    ewan ko ba naman kasi kung kelan natapos ang plant ay saka may haharang?

    absent ba sa klase yung mga kumukontra dyan kaya na-late ng reax?

  4. there has been no discussion or review of the long-term costs or dangers associated with storing the toxic, radioactive waste that the powerplant will produce. Pinas is not a first world country where the can dump it off in a desert somewhere or on someone else's coral reef island. Nuclear power advocates always forget about the cost and health problems associated with 30 years later when the material has to be disposed. This is similar to the fossil fuel energy advocates. The overall costs of pollution and waste management are never considered in any economic or environmental analysis.

  5. nakakatakot naman talaga ang nuclear power plant... lalo na sa mga di naman nakapag-aral ng mabuti. all they know is from whatever they saw on TV na sumasabog or nakakasira ng ulo. it's safe and stuff pero di mo mababago isip ng mga tao eh. sana magamit na yan.

  6. hanggang ngayon ba naman ay hindi matapos-tapos ang isyu na yan tungkol sa muling pagbuhay ng bnpp?

    hindi na dapat buhayin pa yan, hanggat maari kasi, ayaw nating matulad sa atin ang trahedya na nangyari sa Chernobyl ilang taon na ang nakalipas. kahit pa kasi anong idahilan nila para lang mabuksan yan, marapat lang na kapakanan at kaligatasan ng taong bayan na nakatira malapit sa planta ang dapat na unang ikunsidera.

  7. "BNPP may produce Php2.50/kwh vs. Napocor's Php4.50/kwh."

    This is a lot already knowing that we consume more than ah hundred kw/hr. Masyado kasi tayong takot wherein we are not willing to dive in such possibilities na makakapagpaginhawa sa atin in the long run. Bata pa lang ako naririnig ko na itong issue na ito but until now wala pa ding resolution.

  8. The problem I here is that the government is not doing a study if the BNPP is still safe to use, I mean, tinayo siya bago pa yata tayo pinanganak and never siyang nagamit. Tapos ngayon gusto nilang gamitin na lang ng basta basta? I don't think that's sane thinking.

  9. One more issue by the way. Where do we throw nuclear wastes? Hindi pa 'to napag-iispan ng gobyerno. And these wastes are so dangerous not only sa mga nabubuhay ngayon kundi pati sa susunod na generations.