Friday, May 22, 2009


My gaydar is totally wrecked. I don't know what is wrong with it but its not working anymore. How I wish I could fix it by just turning some knobs or pulling my hair but it won't.

Let me tell why I have this dilemma and please do help me figure out if this guy is gay or not. So, here's this guy, a straight acting guy. He was part of a cheer leading team, he smokes, drinks a lot and I don't think he plays basketball. I am not even pretty sure if he can defeat me if we play basketball, he's taller than me. He knows who is the boyfriend of that some gay colleague, he loves Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Natasha Bedingfield but he hates Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. He loves to wear tight clothes or are those what you call body fit? I think those are body fit, I'm not sure. He doesn't have a girlfriend but his hot.

He said that he don't have my number, fine, I believe him. I was just shocked one day when he called me and I asked him what he wanted and he keep on talking about things which are totally nonsense. Then I asked him again and he said that he wants to borrow money from me and when I asked how much I become more suspicious, it was for Php 100.00. Who is in the right mind would call someone and spends a lot on cellphone credits/load just to borrow Php100.00? I might be insane but I am not gonna do such a thing. I can just send a text message. Then he paid me the next day. Hmmm.

Then today I received a message from him that he was bored and he was watching some kind of a movie and asking me if I want to join him. I think his going crazy. I don't know why. I see him as a guy who is confused of something. I think he wants to say something to me but he just can't. I asked him and his housemate and he doesn't have any idea either. His housemate mentioned though that he keeps on talking about my name. I asked about what and he didn't answer any further.

I am confused if he is gay or not. I want to asked him directly but surely he would say no. His hot and is a nice person. Do you think his gay?


  1. its written all over girl. he's gay. gay gay gay bloody gay. lol. but then again, he might just be one of them awkward straight guys.

    we'll never know until you ask him :P

  2. he probably is. haha sounds like you made your judgement anyway but it's best to be sure. the only way you can be sure is to ask.. positive positioning lang yan. don't ask directly. ask mo lang kung ano ba talaga gusto nya mangyari. kung umutang ulit ng P100, baliw yan. haha

  3. gay or straight, sounds like trouble. hard to develop intimacy when the first call after giving you his number is to ask for money to pay for future calls.

  4. tsk tsk. lakas ng charisma mo at mukhang tinamaan sa iyo si closet guy. hehe. mukhang gagawin ko rin sa crush ko iyon kung sakaling ako sa kalagayan niya.

  5. i agree with turismoboi..when in doubt, ask him...

    if he freaks out, deadma..marami pang titi sa mundo

    if he's cool with it...congrats neng!

    panahon na para muling isuko ang bataan, corregidor at maging ang buong hukbong sandatahan...!

    <*im back to my old senses*>

  6. your gaydar is still working!

    when in doubt, delegate!

  7. i say he's gay. he's not straighter than the next person.

  8. hay naku.... kumplikado mga taong ganyan... don't get involved... hahahaha