Tuesday, May 26, 2009

feels like heaven

I keep on wondering before of where is heaven when I was young. Until now I still wonder of where is heaven. There are events in my life that I somehow lifter my spirit up and makes me wonder if I were in heaven already.

Some of those I can still remember just like this one. After seeing this video I wonder if whether I am in heaven already.

It has been years already since I first saw this video. Even though the feeling is still there like the first time I saw it. It brings back the memories when I was still in high school.


  1. naalala ko heaven & eggs. lol

  2. OMG now ko lang nakita to matagal na ba to?im such a loser LOL!

  3. ngayon ko lang din to nakita. laughtriiiippp!!! haha ang kulit pa nung soundtrack.

  4. LOL... hindi ko kinaya sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet