Saturday, May 23, 2009

wise men says

In the game of love shall we listen to the wise men who said that "only fools rush in" or to David Pomeranz? I am still in doubt if I have to believe the wise men when the words of David sounds more convincing to me. "Pity those who wait, trust in love to faith, finding out too late that they've lost it."

I am not pretty sure if I can go slow when I'm in love. With my heart pumping so fast than its usual pace. With all the excitement I feel within. I just don't know how to slow down. I am not pretty sure is he is the right guy already, but is the Mr. right now. I can't even tell if I'm in love. How will I know if I am in love anyway?

People said that you can't write anything about love when you are in love. There is something mysterious about it that can't be explain. All that is in your head is that someone that you love.

I am just confused right now if I should believe with the wise men. But what if I take it slow and then I lost it? I believe that time can change our feelings and that includes love. Its either time can make it stronger or makes it weak until you just wake up one day and its gone. You wake up one day and come to realize if you have wasted that time or not.


  1. bunso, love is something that cant be is feels (sic)..yan ang pamatay na sagot ni marie ann umali (bb pilipinas world 2009) nuong sunmali siya sa bb pilipinas nuong 2006.

    kidding aside, nobody can ever fathom what love is all about...just let your emotions speak for itself

  2. i believe that any 2 persons can be the right one for each other. as long as they're willing to make things and compromise :)

  3. don't listen to wise men! they only can say that fools rush in because they were once fools. worrying about it will only weaken the feeling over all.

  4. love if it finds you worthy, directs your course...

    ~kahlil gibran`

  5. in love, find your own rhythm

  6. gud am, nabuhay ulet hehe

    walang wise men... dahil yung mga opinyon nila sa love ay hindi naman nila naranasan lahat maging ang lahat ng IFs and BUTs

  7. There's no way of knowing which method - taking it slow or plunging right it - will result to the love that you want.

    Just go with how you feel. It's almost always right. :-)

  8. personally, when you start to become a better person for sumone... then that's love...

    sakin lang yun ha hehehehehe