Sunday, May 3, 2009

Summer, Interrupted

Since the day I was born, I have never been outside the country. I don't know how other people live their lives in another countries. Funny though I still couldn't understand much about this place. When I was in elementary my teacher told us that we have to season, dry and wet. I didn't fully understand it when I was, well even up to this date. When it rains then I would think that this is the rainy or wet season and after a few weeks of no rain then it is dry season. I never had an idea that it would take months for seasons to change until I reached grade six, that was when I have a subject about geography, I think. And so I learned that mostly it the country experiences severe rains during the month of June than any other months, that is according to books that I have read. I don't know if that was correct or not. I am not yet convince about what I have read.

When I was still young and working in my grandfather's farm, I remembered that time in May. My father is a strong believer about the "first" things. Like he said that he keep his first salary and didn't spend, his first shoe and everything. I wonder this might be the reason why he didn't in me, I have never been part of the "first." Like being first in the class or being first to learn and discover things. It's either I'm in the middle or the last. Sometimes I just watch as others breezed past. It was in May when he told me about taking a bath for the first rain in May. He said that it can cure illnesses and is healthy to the body. But after working that noon under the scorching heat of the sun, I doubt it can. People said that its not good if you take a bath after you are exposed to the heat of the sun for a long time. I used to believed in that. I noticed then that it never rained in that year for the whole month of April maybe that is where the author of the book that I have read based his or her opinion. I am pretty sure if the author of that book is alive today that he would edit the book. A lot has change, including the weather. I couldn't understand the weather of this country anymore.

I used to believe before that we only have to season in this country, its either hot or hotter. Now, it has changed. Like for the month of April this year for example, I couldn't count how many times it rained. It's like the June now, I would say. Even now it seems that the sky is always dark and is ready to pour waters any minute. If this is what they call the effects of global warming then I am dumber than I thought. I thought that global warming is about El Nino, drought, no rains for months until soil would crack. I watched Al Gore's video. It was about global warming. It features melted glaciers, lakes are now almost dry, it speaks of one thing - no water. But why is it that it almost rain here everyday? Are we still part of Earth? Do they include us in their study about global warming? I am so ignorant about these things.

I love mother nature, of course. But as what I have posted previously, I care more about humans. I didn't see anything bad about earth hour and movements to save the world. But if I were to choose between GreenPeace or visiting the orphanage, I would rather spend my time in the orphanage.

I haven't enjoyed much of my summer yet and it has ended already. It ended even before I noticed it. It ended without warning. Like watching a pirated dvd and in the middle part of the movie it suddenly stops. Its like reading a novel then in the climax of the story you notice that there are missing pages. Summer just ended too soon, without me saying proper good bye.


  1. hi... thanks for following my blog. i followed yours as well.
    nice blog you've got there. it just need a little editing, grammar. your ideas are good, you'll just have to expand it more.


  2. tapos na ba summer? pwede pa naman humabol ah!

  3. i have visited places that have more than two seasons (and because i'm sensitive to the cold) i have to say, the four season deal is overrated. wet and dry suits me just fine (although my island hasn't had a real wet season in several years, its been one extended dry season. boo to climate change.)

  4. as the divine creature named barbra streisand once reiterated..some good things really never last

    but hey, dont worry, at the end of every rain comes the beauty of the rainbow

    (pwede na ba sa miss earth? hahaha)

  5. describing our country having DRY and WET seasons is just fine and can we call it, politically correct

    what keeps me worry is the ABNORMAL LENGTH of this two (seasons).