Monday, June 1, 2009

shall I stop doing good?

I wonder of what is wrong with today's generation or was I just too old fashioned. It seems that if you are do a good deed today you are being ridiculed and for you to have friends you have to do something bad. I want to be recognize and I want to be different than anyone else just like what everybody wants. We all wanted to be different from the other person. We want to be unique. But sometimes we tend to be lost or either we have different interpretation of how to be different.

I just find that society has changed a lot. I feel like so much of a stranger. In the workplace, my colleagues cheer to those whose performance are so poor and they take pride of it. If someone is always late they seem to do it more often and brag about it. I feel lost when I tried to weigh things if they just want to make a difference or simply misbehaving. I don't know if these words go together.

I have friends who are in debt to the point that they are unable to pay it. They seem happy and proud of. I have a friend who was given four credit cards and she maxed them all and didn't pay it.

It seems that today if you are dumb or beyond the norms you are in. Society has been like this before. But to how far shall we push these boundaries?


  1. i always think of these peculiarities of life to be a counter-balance to some other imbalance in life. of course, in time, everything comes to balance.

  2. iba ang good sa kanilang taste, iba rin sa yo.

    at kung sa workplace nyo, nakararami ang taliwas sa iyong mga panuntunan sa buhay-- marahil, panahon na para pagnilay-nilayan mo kung kaya mo ang makisama na di ka maaapektuhan at maski ang kumpanya.

    pero minsan, di namamalayan ng kumpanya o employer na may kakaibang kalakaran sa hanay ng kanyang mga empleyado; nasa sa iyo kung nais mong ipabatid iyon sa kanila

  3. i find it really ridiculous. i dunno, i guess its just that high-schoolishh thing that people are stuck with.

    it just depends in your environment rin kasi. i don't find people in THAT kind of thinking in my school-it just depends on where the area is i guess..or what..LOL omg. i feel so disoriented

  4. true to the lyrics of a song,

    "in a world of post modern fad
    what was good now is bad"

    i was thinking of some clever things to say regarding this topic but i contradicted myself, hahaha.

    i guess less talks, less mistakes. ;)

  5. It' subjective, I think. Depending on someone else's point of view...

    I agree with Maxwell...