Friday, June 19, 2009

that guy

I am deeply troubled these past few days. It was about this guy whom I am so attracted to. Every time I see him or think of him, I have this feeling that you just want the time to stop or spend the rest of your life together with him. I am happy every time I am with him. He is that type of guy who just light up all my circuits. But there is one thing that I have been looking for a guy that he doesn't have. He don't have any dreams in life. I don't want to settle with a guy who prefers to sit in front of a computer and plays those boring computer games. I want a guy who loves to play badminton, basketball, soccer and someone who dreams big in life. There are other guys out there but I just don't feel the same when I'm with him.

He doesn't go to school anymore. He has a job though but not stable. I asked him if he wanted to finish school or if he has some dreams of getting a better job but he seems not interested. I don't want spend my life watching life happens, I want to go out there and make life happens and that I also want in a guy. I understand why he is feeling that way but considering from where I started he has a better life than me.

I am not looking for a guy who is a millionaire or someone from a well-family. Most of them thinks that world a lot and they failed to recognized that what makes the prize worth it is the journey. I want a guy who is just within my league but someone who dreams. Someone like me who also dreams to be better each day. Someone that who I can celebrate every success of my life. I am not a career obsessed person. I love spongebob, I even like Barney. I also want to have a good laugh and enjoy life but I also have a big dream.

But I just can't understand that no matter how I tried to forget him, I just can't. There is something in him that is so special for me that I just can't explain. I don't know if this is love all I know is love isn't the only ingredient in a relationship.


  1. kung hindi mo naman kayang panindigan, wag na oi

  2. it'll be good. just wait hehe. or yeah. baka libog lang yan hahaha

  3. im seeing him for like a month already and my feelings about him hasn't change a bit, my desire to be with him grows stronger everyday

  4. It's funny, for me it's guys who have stronger self confidence that I have, and I am a confident guy. A lot of guys have low self esteem even the better looking ones.

  5. you can't find perfect partner. malay mo yun ang mga weaknesses nya. Pero once you get to know him more, faithful pala sya at liligaya ka pala sa piling nya.

    Bira lang ng bira hahaha.