Monday, June 8, 2009

to eat

I consider eating a task rather than a privileged. I have friends that consider eating a part of their lifestyle. Something like we have to know the food that they eat and where they eat. When they talked about food I got out of place. I could not relate to what they are talking about. I know that these particular place serves great food because I heard it from them. Whenever I eat I can only tell whether the food is too sweet, sour, bitter, salty or a combination of both. It's hard for me to tell if a food is delicious or not, I can only tell whether it can be eaten or not.

I am grateful that I can buy the foods that I wanted to eat. When I was still living with my relatives I used to be the last person to eat. So whatever was left, I eat. Sometimes it was not enough for me and I always asked for when will be the time that I can buy food that I wanted to eat. You know that phrase they said "eat your heart out" something like that. And now I can buy the foods that I wanted but I don't want them anymore. Ever since I don't like eating. Every time I eat I always think of how hard it is to prepare this meal and the dishes after and so on.

Since then I always look for alternatives on how I can survive a day without eating. I used to have candies in my pocket to provide me with the energy I need everyday. I had a room mate once and he said that some marines or those people who work in the navy take some capsules that helps them from not getting hungry. How I wish that eating a meal can be reduced by just taking a pill.


  1. ganun? so weird. Bihira ang tulad mo.

    ang sarap kayang kumain. Lalo na sa eat all you can.

    advise ko lang bro, u need to take vitamins to suffice the required nutrients in your body.

  2. hmm... and i thought everyone loves to eat.

    weird nga. :)

  3. i think you're just fasting :-p
    or maybe you're just scared to death by Miranda Priestley that it thins you out.

    regardless, do watch your health :)

  4. ungah... ang sarap kaya kumain....

    mag energy bar ka nalang po...

  5. the closest thing to a pill for meal replacement are those calorie-dense gym bars or hiking bars. i wouldn't recommend them however over the long term. Eating is a symbol of nurturing so its importance to psychological well being cannot be understated (from my perspective).

  6. Naman! Lamon lang ng lamon. :)

  7. that's a different take on eating...

    naranasan mo na ba yung pagsubo mo, dahil sa sarap ng pagkain sa mouth mo, napapikit ka? ur head tilts back. you chew more slowly... and suddenly find yourself thanking the heavens for good food... nasubukan mo na yan?

    that's what i hope to get everytime i put food in my mouth. that's why i eat a lot. :)

  8. wag mo dalasan yang candies na yan. look at me 1month nag suffer sa tonsilitis dahil dyan.

  9. ingat ka po sa ganiyan., baka magkaulcer ka..mas mahirap gamutin kaag butas na ang sikmura

  10. I understand you.
    baka masyado kang figure conscious pero you need to eat para di ka magkasakit.. :)