Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the pay

I hardly feel my pay for this period. Two of my friends borrowed more than half of it. I feel so angry towards them of how they don't or they can't manage their finances. How I wish I can slap them to let them know that I also have things to buy or I just wanna save the money. I can't say no to them for they know that I have I something that I can lend. And that is without any interest and they promised to pay me back in full after two months.

I sometimes evaluate my relationship with them. I don't want to sound bad or that I am counting every favor that I have done for them but its just the truth. I couldn't remember a single event in my life that I have borrowed money from them. I don't even asked a favor from them. I sometimes think of what is the use of having them as my friends. I come to think that my life would have been stress-free without them. All that I have been hearing from them are their problems, this and that and I don't feel that they even bother about how I feel. All that they think of is that how lucky I am because I don't spend that much, of course I don't. For I don't live a life beyond my means.

I'm thinking of maybe next time I would let them borrow money but with interest this time. It would be a nice investment too. I just don't think that I have invested wisely on my friendship with them.


  1. why are you lending all of your money to others? how does this fit into your overall financial picture for the next ten years? are you doing to become a money lender? if you are constantly lending them money and they don't have good finances, then you are actually supporting their improper financial behavior -- which is not a good friend at all.

  2. you splurge your money on other things so you would have an excuse...

  3. or just lie and ask them for money when they ask you.

  4. i agree. wag ka nalang magpahiram. i read somewhere na you shouldn't lend money that u need to get back. if they are really your friends, they wouldn't take it against u if u turn them down or ask for your money back.