Saturday, June 27, 2009

living for now

Some studies said that there are five stages of grief. I don't know why but I guess I have his feeling of loss from everything. From my childhood to things that are given to others and I don't have. But on the second-hand, I don't lost these things, for they have never been mine.

It has been a long time already that I have taken care of myself. I have promised to play basketball with a friend and when we checked of how much is the price to rent a court we just decided to play badminton instead. It's really funny though the life here in the city. From where I grew up, basketball is what we play if we don't have money. We just played beside the street or cheap basketball courts and I used to see those rich-born kids playing badminton and tennis. And here its the reverse thing that happens, if we don't have much money we play badminton. The world never stops to amaze me.

I went jogging last Friday morning while listening to an audio book that I have downloaded from Librivox. There are still a few best things in the world that you can enjoy for free. It was on this part when the author realized about the secret of happiness. And that is living of what is now, living for the moment and making the most out of it. Others don't live, they race. They race for reaching their dreams which are far in the horizon and then they realized one day that they are old and whether they have reach their dreams or not doesn't matter anymore. And all the feeling that was left for them is loneliness, sorrow and all those things for the time that has passed and they never enjoyed life. This part is where I stop and think. Maybe the author was right. I imagine myself that I am very successful and I have the things that I have dreamed of, and then what?


  1. Being contented of what we have now is real happiness. =)

  2. as someone who survives and suffers from it, don't get too caught up into the "tyranny of the shoulds" its an awful, authoritarian regime that gets established in your head and then there's practically no way to get rid of it other than tremendous suffering.

  3. good afternoon gram... always cheer up!

  4. oh I forgot to mention, the five stages of grieving was originally from psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.