Thursday, February 26, 2009

Let me talk about love (1)

I first heard of this story from a friend of mine. I was still in that stage where I already knew my sexual orientation but I still on the stage where I am confused with my choice. He was a college professor. It was from him where I first learned about Paulo Coelho and the first of his books that I read was The Alchemist which later became one of my favorite books. I then asked him later that evening if it was a sin to be gay then he said that maybe yes or maybe not. It depends of whom you ask that question for because people would based it on their moral values and each individual has different levels of moral reasoning. I ask him what about if we based it on the Bible. He said that David loved a man in his life. And then the topic was changed to something I couldn't remember to this date.

When I arrived home two days after I text him asking where in the Bible could I find the story. He said somewhere but he has forgotten it. That made me curious though and I don't know why I haven't even research it on the internet. Later when I was introduced to a new church at first I loved the pastor's sermons. And it followed that I was attending church almost every Sunday. There was a youth gathering one Friday night and it was the month of February in the year of 2007. The topic is about brotherhood. Discussions about types of love in Greek terms. Agape, Philia, Eros, Thelema and Storge. Then one best example for a love towards a friend is found in the Bible and the examples given were David and Jonathan. I became curious since this is the same story that my college professor friend has told me about only that they have different interpretation. I am confused of whom to believed between the two of them. In my thoughts I said that probably my pastor because he has been reading and studying the Bible and has met several Bible scholars.

Just a week ago this discussion was brought to life by one of my office mate saying that it David and Jonathan's relationship is not sexual. Then I got curious and researched on the net. I trust wikipedia rather than anything else if I wanted information. Well even wiki could not say that it is sexual or not because even scholars up to this date is still debating on the issue.

It is then up to me to this date of whom to believe or which side of the story would I believe. I believe that David loved Jonathan so much and they are in loved with each other. I believe in Oscar Wilde that indeed this is a kind of love that dare not speak its name. I wish I could be able to find this kind of love. Something intimate, something different, something where only a few hearts dare to go. A love that would dare not speak its name. A love that surpasses them all. A love where only David and Jonathan dare to find and they have found.


  1. Remember, the source of their story is a second hand information. Maybe they were lovers, we may never know.

  2. One thing people must understand about the bible is that you don't read it in black & white.

    A lot of people have tried deciphering this book already and obviously, a lot have failed.

    your teacher is right-"people would base it on their moral values and each individual has different levels of moral reasoning"

    the MR is a huge impact to this cause we all live and grew up with different cultures-thus affecting the way we see things. but, this is not an excuse to be ignorant to the fact that GAY PEOPLE do exist.

    Being Gay isn't a choice. Its like being left-handed. You don't choose to be one, you're born with it.

  3. It has been a subject of debate until now by modern philosophers and Christian scholars. Among the three interpretations: Romantic, Platonic, and Erotic – the latter proved me when Jonathan disrobed David and kissing each other denotes homosexuality had been into existence since the time of immemorial.

    Opinion lang po.

  4. i havent heard of that one hehe i will look for it as you know i am not a church person or a bible kind of guy i havent seen a bible for more than 10 years now

    you mean di ka pa ba na inlove?

  5. @mac callister - i've been in love several times and been hurt several times but I am looking for that someone that I can fall in love with, a love that is unconditional and is something different, just like David and Jonathan they were lovers yet their love is something different which we could never understand