Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Real

I stumbled upon this blog which feature this movie "Get Real", a gay movie with a sad but very inspiring ending for me. I still don't know how to add pictures and movie clips to this blog but I will learn soon. I've been busy adding blogs that I would follow it is really very surprising how ideas of various person can be read and viewed online. There are some blogs that the last post seems to be eons of times ago. Then I stumble to this blog that feature this movie and I read the story on wiki. The movie was released on 1998 and how cam I haven't heard of it? Anyway I was still young at that time and all I care is about school and home. I don't I might add this to my list of movies that I would watch in youtube I just hope that someone with a good soul has uploaded the entire movie.


  1. ei check ko yang movie n yan minsan.di ko pa napanood yan e hehe

  2. there are a heap of good movies i havent watched either. mga pelikulang di ko rin napanood nung true-blue geek pa ako nung highschool. hehe.

  3. victor: hehheeh, I am no longer a high school student but I still don't want to miss watching a movie specially the good ones.