Sunday, February 15, 2009

celebrating the day

Earlier last night, friends asked me regarding my plans for Valentines day. If I know they don't have any dates that is why the were asking if I am free for the night. I told them that I have to go to work and then go home and sleep. The night passed and finally the night was over. I don't really fell like celebrating Valentines day. I just wonder though why we have a day for our hearts and loved ones and we don't celebrate a day for other organs in our body. Let us say for example the brain which is for me the most important part. The heart pumps and delivers the nutrients to different parts of the body but the command is coming from the brain. It just sounds ironic though that we don't have a speciall day dedicated for the brain.


  1. haha. you're talking about the logical side of things.

    i guess V day serves as the day for everyone to commemorate the fact that being human gives us the previlege to feel and learn how to love.

    belated happy valentines day dude! hehe.