Tuesday, February 24, 2009

something in the air

As I get ready myself to work last Saturday I don't know what is really special on that day but I have that strange feeling of a mixture of happiness and sadness. Something on that day that makes me sad yet I am happy that I have felt that kind of sadness. There is something very familiar with the sun rays and with the scent of the air that makes me remember the past. I don't know what is that scent and its definitely not a victoria's secret or a burberry brit but something very sweet with a little coldness in the air as it touches my skin that I remember the past. Him. The past.
Almost two years ago I was just working at that time and haven't thought of studying and working at the same time. I have lots of time, the luxury of time to visit places and to hang out with friends. Every Saturday night I went out with them for some crazy party where we go dancing until we can barely moved our legs. Sunday came and I just lay in bed for almost the entire day because of headaches and body pains. That was two years ago when I met him in one of those crazy parties. He was working as an accountant. He goes swimming and goes to the gym but didn't have those bulky gym bodies. His body is like almost toned, something like that. Fair skin and he has that masculine look for me. From his jawline to his deep set eyes, I just love to stare at this face. Everything was ok at first, we talk about this and that and some uninteresting things but we never had sex which is the most part of why I regret so much of not doing so. Anyway it turned out that if you really have a cute boyfriend everybody is running after him and just trying to rip both of you apart. I don't feel like fighting for him and I don't think he wants to fight for that so called relationship of ours too. It didn't work out.
Last time I show him he was going home, alone with his tennis racket. I just smiled at him. I no longer have a communication with him from the time that I deleted his number. I don't feel like asking for it when I saw him.
Last Saturday that is what I rememebered when that cool air touches my skin and I smelled a scent very familiar. That was not his scent but that was the scent I smelled almost every Saturday night when I meet my friends and him.

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