Thursday, February 26, 2009

Observational Learning

I am supposed to go to school today and take my exams but I haven't finished my assignments yet. After work I decided to went to the city library and trying to read and absorbed my lessons but nothing would go inside my inside. Sometimes I wonder why it is easier for me to remember the novels I've read rather than school related stuffs. Not that I forget them or anything but I am just having a hard time putting them all in my head. After an hour in the library I went out without even answering a question in my assignment because I was really very sleepy already. The library is just a few minutes walk from where I currently live. On my way home I was thinking what would be my future if I would not be able to finish my BS degree. I already have a job yet I know that sometimes having a diploma is really an advantage specially living in a country where a piece of paper is highly valued rather than your skills. Living in a country where you are judge of what you can do by your diploma rather than what you have done already. It's hard to be trusted in this country without a diploma and I think in some countries this exist too.

I am very uncertain with my future and I can't help but compare myself to other people even if I have read Desiderata more than a hundred times that not to compare yourself to others for its either you become bitter or vain but I just can't help it. sometimes when my friends are discussing something I could sense that I am way too far from their intellect. I have read the books that they read and watch movies that they like. Then I remember one of my friends who asked me to watch "Sex and the City" like a year ago and I declined. She is a very smart girl and I'd really admired her intellect. So today I bought a copy of "Sex and the City" and also a dvd collection of its series. I am supposed to buy Lord of the Rings because I friend of mine said that Odyssey is having a sale and a copy is just Php299 but I decided to go for Sex and the city instead then I would next payday I would buy the Lord of the Rings.

When I tried finish my assignment today one of the question is about observational learning. I wonder why this is still considered a theory. My teacher in psychology said that in the field of science if one is really proven true then it is considered a theory and if it follows a scientific approach yet not accepted widely is considered a theory. I wonder what makes observational learning a theory. In my case I learned things almost by observing others that is by the books they read and also by watching the movies they like yet sometimes I learned through my own experience which maybe the reason why it remains a theory up to this date.


  1. I guess it just means you enjoying read this novels that you academic books :)

    its like learning a song i guess. its more easier to learn a song cause the rhythm adds more joy to it. rather than a poem, where you try and imagine it with some stress and high-ending notes :P

  2. * you enjoy reading this novels rather than your academic books- OMG i'm getting freudian slips or typos a lot recently haha

  3. I guess most of us went through observational learning - a very academic approach for young people. But when you get matured, you will realize that “experience” and the “hard times you endured”, plus your “exposure to real world” are the best tool for learning and achieving something.