Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peace to Greenpeace

I was on my to buy some groceries for my one week consumption which is just basically a box of milk and some toiletries. Suddenly a girl approached me with this flyer about greenpeace and how they help the environment and punish the bad guys who are destroying it and all. They love mother nature as what they call themselves. Well I have nothing against loving the environment, planting trees, anti-pollution campaign and all. I love mother nature just how I love boys. I just smiled to the girl handling the flyers abuot greenpeace and continue on my way without listening to her then rolled my eyes and a girl in front of me noticed my every reaction.
I heard about greenpeace almost a year ago and I was at first excited to join this group then as I read on from one flyer to another seeing how they destroyed the properties of those what they call companies and persons that caused damage to the environment I asked myself if it was the right thing to do. I don't believe in violence. Eventhough sometimes I would love to think that my head is being screwed but all I was thinking is of how to kill myself and not other people. I don't think that is ok too.
Even up to now I still have that dream to be a volunteer in an organization without getting paid but just for a good cause. I once saw a documentary about VSO and their works done in Africa which made me cry and there I said to myself that one day I will be going there and help them. I don't fully agree of what greenpeace is fighting for maybe their cause or the reason how they do it or something but I just fully agreed to them. I agree that we have to take care of the environment and all but I think there are things that are worth fighting for. Just like for example the children in other countries who died in hunger and are dying in hunger and their numbers is increasing every minute. If the money collected is spent to them I think that would be worth fighting. I believe that the lives of the human being is far more important than a tree. I believe that a hungry child being fed is far more important than a dying baby dolphin or whale. I believe Mother Nature would understand that. I believe that is these people are given a source of income they don't have to use these dynamites that could harm the environment. I don't think there is one fisherman who wants to destroy the place where his source of income is coming from. I don't there is an individual who wants to destroy the environment they are forced to destroy it inorder for them to live.
If I would have the funds donated to Greenpeace I would build an orphanage, a school, create a livelihood program and feed those hungry people who are dying. I would save the human race first before saving Mother Earth. Well I might be wrong and that there could be other reasons why Greenpeace prefer to save the whales and the dolphins rather than hearing and saving the lives of those hungry children on the streets anyway Africa is too far away and they might not be able to hear their cries and it just happens that they live closer in ocean rather than Africa.

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  1. most existing environmental groups right neglect the fact that environment-friendly projects are capitalist-oriented and are biased against the third world. but this is a statement that is better discussed in a full-length post. sana makapagsulat ako ng post tungkol dito in full detail.