Thursday, February 5, 2009


In my effort to enhance my grammar in English I tried to read Shakepeare's Hamlet, I really had a hard time understanding the text and I never thought that this kind of language even exist. I can read the words but nothing is coming into my mind and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I am wondering if this is the same Hamlet that the scholars are reading and how come they are able to understand the works of Shakespeare. While reading it, I remember what my teacher said before about the movie "apocalypto" that they used a dead language. Maybe this is what a dead language is because I couldn't understand it.
Once when I was chatting in mirc someone said that by reading Shakespeare I would learn a lot, well I don't and I am wondering why. So instead of going to Shakespeare I decided to settle with "the catcher in the rye" and I also downloaded an audiobook of Jane Austen's Emma.


  1. i have not appreciated Shakespeare until i watched romeo and juliet, the version of leonardo di caprio and julia styles. the movie though modern in setting utilized verse in their screenplay. maybe u could try that one too. :)

    btw, thanks for following me.

  2. it's claire danes, trip