Friday, February 6, 2009


I went today to the National Redcross today to donate some of my evil blood that has been circulating in my veins and blood vessels eons of times ago. I already inquired about how to donate blood yesterday and they have already checked that I can donate. I am worried at first because the minimum weight required is at least 110 pounds and I only weigh 104 pounds. So after a restful sleep last night I went to the National Redcross and filled out some of their questions which one really caught my attention that at first it made me laugh and later on the day I feel humiliated and remorseful of the past decisions I have made in my life. You just have to answer the question but encircling "yes" or "no". One of the questions that struct me is " Have you had any homosexual activities." I laughed at this question first thinking of how I had done the act with someone less than a week ago. Then I lied and encircled "No" thinking that they would examine my blood anyway so I don't really have to be that scared. After that they have drained my body with blood and images I've seen on television keeps playing in my mind. One where people said that they saw stars after and followed by "some" severe vomiting. To my disappointment I didn't feel anything at all, it's like just the same and nothing happened except on the part of my arm where they inserted a very big needle to get blood out of my body. So after that I went to the mall and check some digital players for the audiobooks that I have downloaded which to my disgust again the drive where I saved it got corrupted and I have to download again these files this morning. I still can't stop thinking why is it that in some countries gays are not allowed to donate a blood. I remember watching "Queer as Folks" during that episode when Brian was not allowed to donate a blood, maybe I am just ignorant of the risks of homosexual relationship that is why I feel discriminated. A friend of mine said that anything that looks like an injection which has been inserted to your body can bring a disease and added that they even won't let you donate a blood if you had a tooth extraction within a year how much more if what gets in to you is a bigger injection, and I can't help but agree.


  1. i likt this entry magaling ka naman mag english a mas ok ka pa nga kesa sakin hahaha sakin talaga basag na basag an english ko hek hek

    takot ako magpakuha ng dugo funny nga e i've seeing a lot of blood at work pero takot ako mag donate!

  2. I just want to have a flawless grammar, like putting the comma's and all in the right place.
    actually I was disappointed when I donated my blood because I've seen in tv that are seeing stars and they felt like they are dying but nothing happens to me. I didn't feel anything at all just pain in my finger where they pricked it with a needle to test my blood and also where they inserted a bigger one in my arm to get the blood out aside from that nothing at all, such a disappointment.

  3. I think it's disease related. Alam mo naman stigma sa atin. Kaya ako, never mo mapapagdonate ng dugo unless talagang kailangan.

  4. i don't really think that you have to discriminate people by their sexual preference or anything, anyway your blood gets tested and you will be notified if it is clean after two weeks that you donated your blood