Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is my off but I only have a few hours of sleep. I went to school today to take my exams for Filipino. I really hate this subject. I English too. I hate math. I love boys. I was still very sleepy but I have to get up and do my school works. I have exceeded my time already to finish this semester and I don't want to consume all the patience of our college dean. I want to leave some patience on her just in case I will do something bad in the future, it might save my life. I went to Dunkin Donuts to study, I was the only customer there, I am not sure if they are still earning. I hardly noticed any customers these days in Dunkin Donuts, most of them are in bars drinking beers and hard liquors, I sometimes do that. I ordered two cups of coffee. I was reading but I am not in the mood to study and is really very hard for me to concentrate if I am not in the mood which I think everybody is having a hard time to focus if they are not in the mood or not interested in the topic.

I get my notebook out and thinking that maybe I should buy an XDA, I've checked before that you can get a secondhand on the internet for less than four thousand pesos which would help me a lot. I saw yesterday that my teacher has one and is really a great help. Yet a little expensive though. I began to write the things that I have to do today and I noticed that today is already the 13th of the month and is a Friday. I am not really scared at all about the number thirteen though somehow, a little bit. I am not that good in math that is why numbers scares me a lot but I am more scared if I have to perform mathematical equations using the letters in the English Alphabet. It is really hard to solve math problems using numbers but it is more complicated if you are going to use letters to solve a problem. I don't know who started solving math problems using letters that must be someone who is not good in numbers and is good in letters and find way to make his life easier by using letters instead of numbers which complicated the life of others including mine. We truly don't know how and where will the ripples of our actions end and I bet that the person who started solving math problems using letters doesn't realized that either. Anyway, yes today is Friday the thirteenth where stories are told that supernatural powers are very strong and the evil forces strength increases that must be the reason why I am so lazy today. Maybe that evil force deep inside me makes me so lazy that I don't want to go to work today, I don't want to job and I don't want to study either.


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  2. Sounds like a free writing entry dude. Don't believe in Friday the 13th. Although sa mga panaginip ko kahapon puro kamalasan ang kinauwian ko.