Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who cut your Hair?

I am not sure how many people in this whole wide world universe feels the same way as I do when they do this thing. My friends and my colleagues have been telling me almost a week two weeks already that I should do it but I am just scared. It just that I feel so uncomfy of doing it. I know that my hair is a little bit long already and I not that thin so I really look untidy if I have a long hair. But I just don't feel comfortable sitting in a barber's chair (I don't know what you call that chair that almost looks like a chair of a dentist in old movies) and having my hair cut. First I don't know any name of a hair cut and there's just a lot of them and I don't know which of them makes me look good. Second I am not cute so I don't like people staring at my face and I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror as well for that long period of time. Once I chatted with a friend and ask him if he has the same dilemma as I which by the speed my hair grows I have to have it cut every six weeks. He said that he is uncomfortable as well everytime he goes out for a hair cut. I asked what "What do you answer when they ask what kind of hair cut?," he just smiled and said "Just make sure that I look good on it" and that is why he said that he always have his hair cut on salons rather than on barbershop.
I used to go to salons like Davids, Reyes and others but it is just expensive for me right now consirdering that I am working and supporting my studies at the same time, having a cut from these salons I consider it a luxury, a few bucks save really helps me a lot these days. So today is the right time that I need to have a hair cut and I was tempted to have it done in Davids but on the second thought considering the tip and the cost I decided to go to a cheaper one. Like any other past hair cut experiences I had everytime the barber cut an inch of my hair I have these regrets that I should have gone to a salon instead. I have that moments when I am as scared as a turkey in America during thanksgiving. I don't know if I would look good or not. After the job was done I was so disappointed that I imagined my the barber being chopped into pieces. But I have to blame myself as well, anyway I only have this look for now after six weeks from now that would be another hair cut, I just hope it would be nice next time.

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