Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Have you ever felt this way?

Before I hit the sack early this morning, I decided to set the alarm at 3:00 o'clock pm since I have to get to school. At 3 pm I changed my mind and slept and woke up at 6 pm and get ready for work. I really don't feel like going to work today. Then I was greeted with several bad news and everything. My entire day was really ruined. I don't know if you ever felt this way. You woke up one day and continue living it and the hours seems so dreadful. It is the day when you asked God why he created you when you didn't even ask for it. It is a day when even you were told before that God is good because even if He didn't give you the chance to choose your relatives He still gives you the chance and the oppurtunity to choose your friends doesn't even compensate your feeling for that day. I really had a bad day today that if God would show up in front of my I would scream in front of His face " Damn You!" I really hate this day. Even if I win the lottery today would not compensate what I am feeling right now. This is the day where I continue to wonder why there are bad guys who are doing good and good guys were doing bad. This is the where I questioned God and really didn't have a single regret I chose the path that I will no longer believe in Him. I still believe he exists even today but this is the day where I doubt His love and my hatred towards God just grew bigger.


  1. i've felt this way before. everything sucks at every turn. the hours are so long, makes you want to escape it all and fly away to another place. yeah, been there.

    but you know what, i figured, if i make it through this day, the next ones are gonna be a piece of cake.

    mindset dude. take it easy.

  2. we all experience bad days...

    it shall pass...relaks lang dude!