Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Goals for 2009

My Goals for 2009

I decided to have a list of goals for this year. I have noticed that in the past I keep on buying notebooks and pens because I really loved to write but the moment I have them I am no longer interested in writing. Several plans have been wasted and some are even forgotten which I can no longer remember them today so I decided to keep a list of the things I want to accomplish this year and to motivate myself I decided to put a reward for every month that I accomplish almost 90 percent of the things on my list.

Here are some of the things I have in my list:

1.) To write at least one blog entry every week.
2.) Learn Spanish.
3.) Enroll in a yoga class.
4.) Look for a part-time job.
5.) Jog at least once a week.

I have twenty-two things listed and I am not sure if I would be able to accomplish all of these things. I really have second thoughts before if I would have to learn Spanish because I have room mate before and he said that his sister who is now in USA doesn't want her children to watch Dora the Explorer because they would learn Spanish. The language that I really want to learn is French however someone told me that if you want to learn French that I have to study Spanish first and learning French will just be a breeze. Hopefully she was right. I will start learning Spanish next month. I included in my last for the month of February that I should be able to write one sentence in Spanish.


  1. you can do it. always think that way. it's so easy to doubt your capabilities whenever you are faced with a decision, an opportunity or a problem when all it takes is a single thought: i can.

    normal lang iyan. ako din ganyan minsan. in my case, i've never been interested sa gym until i felt the need to. i was really apprehensive and scared to enroll in one dahil medyo mataba ako. now looking back, naisip ko, na all those insecurities that were holding me back from doing what i wanted to do were just in my head. now i go to the gym every week. noong simula halos 4x a week. ngayong patapos na ang school year at medyo toxic, tinatry ko maka 2x kada linggo.

    anyway, thanks for following my blog. god bless on your resolutions. keep us posted. ingats =)

  2. re: learning french. spanish isn't really a requisite for studying french. trust me. i'm teaching myself french now through my old french 10 class materials, learning CDs, and french movie DVDs.

    if you have time, enrol in a class at the alliance francaise de manille. just google it. : )

  3. ooh cool. im learning french soon

    victor told me i could burrow his cd's the next time we go out.