Friday, January 30, 2009

thoughts on starting a blog

I was with a friend last week and I asked him if he is interested in blogging, he said yes but he doesn't have one yet but he said that he is planning to create one. I've been blogging for years now but no one dares to read it except me.
So one evening after doing all my assignments I decided to create a blog to widen my circle of friends and to improve my grammar in the English language. It's really hard in my part when my friends laughed at me when I say something because my grammar is a disaster compared to how they speak. I really felt so bad why didn't I listen to my English teacher before when I was still in high school and elementary and instead spend my days wandering around the campus. And so now I am paying the price, I haven't enjoyed that much the works of Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe they used a language which my teachers said that it was English which is all foreign to me so I turned to reading works of Helen Meriz and the others that inspired me a lot that guys are really good companion and there are a lot of fun to be with the boys. And so I started the journey and I am still enjoying each and every moment of it.


  1. My english was lousy when I started my blog. With writing, your language would gradually improve.

    Welcome to blogspace. :)

  2. Hello. Another new blog to read.

    Your English is good and is only bound to get better through constant blogging. Cheerios!

  3. as they always say:

    "practice makes perfect"

    keep it up bro!