Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Baguio: First Day

I was supposed to get on a 5 am trip to Baguio but I woke up past 6 am already, I must be too excited. I enjoyed the scenery on my way here. I don't exactly remember how long the trip was but I do spend countless of hours sitting on the bus. They played "Dead na si Lolo" and I forgot the other one. It was a Filipino love story.

When I arrived here I was disappointed with the place where I'm staying. Not that I'm demanding hotel amenities but the I was asked to pay for the amount higher than what we agreed. I guess what I've read was true that if you don't know anyone here the cost of you daily allowance is the same as traveling in the North America. This place is far expensive compared to where I stayed in Makati. Not to think that I stayed in an airconditioned room and with a wi-fi. This place is just an old house without even a shower.

So the first thing I did after buying a charger for my phone is to look for another place to stay. I roam around Burnham Park and there are some folks there offering transients at a lower cost. I was able to look for a place and I will be transferring there today. It was just right in front of Burnham Park. Its cheaper than where I am staying right now, I have a small television in my room and it has a manual heater which I have no plan of using.

On my first day, I ate a lot of strawberries and I also went to the city library since they have a free wi-fi there, but it didn't work. After some strolling around Burnham Park, I decided to call it day. I was decided to finish reading some ebooks that I have downloaded but I was surprised that there are lots of unsecured wireless connection in my neighborhood. I was able to get online which is what I am using right now. Its not really stealing, I guess since my laptop automatically connects to them. I didn't ask my laptop to get some connection, it just worked on its own. Anyway, I was happy with my laptop, it never fails to make me proud. And as a treat for my laptop I'm gonna spend another hour here to update its software.

The place is not that cold though but I so much love to take a bath here. The water is cold, very addicting. I am planning to spend most of my days today at Burnham after I finish transferring. I don't know where can I rent some rollerblades and go roller skating. I also want to go horse back riding but it seems boring to do it here. I was not allowed back in our province to ride on our horses. I felt so envious with my cousins when they can and they can ride and have the horses running very fast. But I don't think you can have the horses there run fast, as what I have observed there just walking, so boring.


  1. i think being gay makes us appear "unable" to do masculine stuff like riding a horse, although there are female equestrians, but in the province, double standards are prevalent.

    i wanna have a vacation!!!

  2. I'm telling you -- go to Sagada. You won't regret it!

  3. i love my experience in Baguio.. except they threw empty bottles of San Mig light on me in one of our bar nights... i was crazy but fun!

  4. nice blog... linking you up with mine. :)