Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Second Day in Baguio

I'm beginning to explore Baguio and also I've known some people here during my stay. They are respectful but not friendly. They will help you if you have money. Baguio is city just like any other city in the country. I was told by someone not to stay late in Burnham Park since a lot of folks got mugged in the area. I was shocked to learn about this since the first thing that would come up in my mind if about Burnham Park is a very quiet and relaxing place. There are lots of people too, I guess because this month they will be celebrating the Panagbenga, I hope I spell it right.

I don't have any night life either, I don't know where to go. A friend said that I can try going to Nevada Square but some of the locals here said that its not a friendly and a safe place. I went to Camp John Hay yesterday. It would be wonderful to own a cottage there but that must be very expensive. I am considering staying here for a year but the idea of strong winds when there is a storm scares me.

Today I went to Mines View. The place is just very small, I wonder why people go there? I mean on your way to Baguio you can see the mountains anyway. I bought some Ube Jam which I ate on my way to Wright Park and Botanical Garden, I just walk. You can just walk the places here and I wonder why everytime I asked for directions they would answer that I can take a jeepney or a cab. Mines View is not really that far from Wright Park. And there are some souvenir stores too in Mines View. One thing that get my attention is the Chinese Horoscopes. There was one animal that get my attention. The year of the Cock, was it supposed to be rooster or Cock? I tried to look for it online and yes there is a year of the Cock.

I am planning to visit the Diplomat Hotel tomorrow. They said there are ghosts in the area. I'm not really religious or do I believe in them but I want to visit the place. They said its already abandoned. I'm excited to visit the place.

Grammath, Baguio City


  1. there are pretty awesome gay bars up there, i hear. but im not sure. go check them out :)

  2. Sagada is not a city! It's an adventure.