Saturday, February 6, 2010

Beer Night

I went out last night. I didn't enjoy it much, the dance floor is very small. I planned to go to Nevada Square but I've heard that its not safe to go there because of gang wars. So I headed to some bars here. There is a lot of difference between how the people behave in bigger cities. People here tends to get noisy, easily get irritated and is looking for trouble when they get drunk. Its not safe to be with them. Unlike in bigger cities that people don't lose their manners when they are drunk, well there are some but the rate is not as high compared here. People here is like going back to the ancient times. They have this animalistic kind of behavior an example is having its territory and they have it protected.

Their music is quite outdated for my taste. I also love Chopin, Beethoven, and yes, I'm loving them now but if I want to dance I want some trance music. I guess its just with bar. They said that there are some nice bars here, I haven't discovered them yet.

I woke up late today, well 11 am is late for me. I walked around Burnham Park. Its quite interesting how people here still love to go to parks but some also love to stroll in the mall. In most bigger cities going to the park is like an ancient tradition but here is just normal. I'm not sure if this only happens this month because of the Panagbenga or this really happens all year round.

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