Friday, February 5, 2010

Another year….

I have to look at my passport and the calendar twice just to make sure. Today is my birthday. Another year has been added to my life and just a few more years I guess, hopefully, before I die. I have to do some evaluation of my life. There are some decisions that I regret that I made them though its not the end yet. I am still hoping for the best. Just a few more years and I will have my degree and a few more years from that hopefully I will be in the jungle of Africa helping people there. I really love to work as a volunteer to some non-profit group organizations helping the world alleviate poverty. I know I could not really help some big communities but at least I'm helping. I've cried a lot every time I see pictures and documentaries about them. People are dying due to hunger and they have nothing to eat. A mother watching her son slowly dying because of hunger. I have a lot of things to do in my life in order to help them. First I need to have my degree then another two or three years experienced in my field before I qualify to be sent there, I'm getting there everyday.

I might be staying a couple more days here. I will be going to the Diplomat Hotel today. Hopefully to meet and greet some restless ghost. I don't really believe in them but I love the idea of going inside an abandoned building. I have never been inside an abandoned building that is completely built. Most buildings that I've been to although they are abandoned but they are either destroyed or left unfinished.

I might celebrate my birthday tonight by going to a bar for a drink. Beer here is cheaper compared to Metro Manila and other cities. I have no plans to get drunk but who knows what lies ahead. It was cold here last night and today I could see the sun, shining brightly. Its gonna be a lovely day, I hope.