Wednesday, February 10, 2010

back in MM

I got tired of Baguio. I've visited most of the places where tourists go. There are still some places that I need to visit but I don't feel like going there anymore. On the bus on my way here I really cried. I wish I can call the place my home. Its a very wonderful place. And I miss someone who lives there too. When were on Marcos Highway I tried to look outside of the window maybe he will be there standing and waving me goodbye, it didn't happen.

One thing I like about Metro Manila is that it has everything I need. Also every time I leave the place I don't cry. I even like it when I leave this place. No one makes me cry here, I realized. There are millions of people living in the metro and I have never cried for someone here unlike other places that I have visited. I am considering maybe staying here for a while. I'm planning on applying for a job. There are some places near here that I want to visit compared if I am living on the southern part of the country.

First I really want to visit Batanes. I've seen pictures about the places and its really breathtaking. You can't believe that such a wonderful scenery can be found in this country. The people there are friendly too according to some folks who have visited the place. I'm planning to visit there during summer and also during rainy season where the place is constantly visited by typhoons. I love strong winds. It brings back those childhood fears.


  1. lagi ka na lang malungkot. lol. try mo magparty people minsan. go clubbing sometimes.