Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a single digit

I was wondering if I was cursed. Everywhere I go, all the places that I have visited someone always makes me cry. Today is my last day here in Baguio. I don't like the people here when I first arrived until I met someone. I have mentioned about him in my previous post.

The other night he asked for my number. I don't have my phone with me at that time so I just asked him to send me a text message. And so he did, in front of me. I'm happy to be with him and I consider staying in Baguio and maybe look for a job. I seldom meet interesting and nice people. When I went home and checked my phone I don't see his message. Later then I realized that I made a mistake on one of the digits. I tried to go back last night to where we first met. The night was so cold but I didn't care. What I wanted at that time was to see him and hug him once more. I stayed until midnight but he didn't came. I don't know how to reach him, I don't even know his full name. I hate myself for not being able to memorize my very own phone number.

I cried a lot. Why is it hard to get that happy ending?


  1. you're being melodramatic. stop watching romance films!

  2. things happen for a reason..now, if you do see each other again, great. kung hindi, move on. marami ka pang makikilala :)

    drama mo, sampalin kaya kita diyan. hehe

  3. if it is not happy, then it is not the end.

    cheer up! you are not alone.

  4. perhaps, you should first look for the devil that slipped in that wrong number.

  5. perhaps it's just not meant to be. cheer up, grammath. you'll get your happily ever after. it just takes time. :D

  6. you'll get your happily ever after, it just will require a little magic from the mysterium and necessary suffering from you -- and of course, time.