Friday, February 12, 2010

a longer stay

I don't know when will I be able to visit Baguio again but I am trying to make it before the year ends. Its interesting how I met a lot of people in just a short time that I stayed there. My friends said that the place is not as nice as before. There are lots of things that I have observed in Baguio which I hope will also be adapted here in Metro Manila or way back from where I previously lived. First, the taxi drivers are more polite. I haven't encountered an incident where a taxi driver refused. Here in the Metro it happens a lot and some of them would even ask me to pay more than what is indicated on the meter. Taxi drivers here are mostly rude, they lack good manners. Its very sad knowing that these people should be the first one to show good manners since they are in need of money, well I am in need of money too and I show good manners to them. I don't really like how they treat their passengers here in Metro Manila. Someone should discipline them. Its either they were not raised well at home or this is the result of the poor educational system of the country.

Second thing, vegetables. I really love to eat vegetables rather than meat. They are more tasty to me. I am tired of eating grilled meats here. I don't know where to buy vegetables. I am planning to just boil some vegetables but I am scared that I might overcook them. I don't really know how to cook and cookbooks are very hard to follow these days. I've noticed that as we try to live a simple live every thing gets complicated, try reading old cookbooks and the newer ones and you'll see the difference.

The third thing are the parks. I'm scared to go to the parks in here in Metro Manila even during the day. You'll never know what will happen. Unlike in Baguio though its very dangerous to go out at night but its safe during the day.

But I'm still staying here for another month or so. Depends on the outcome of my job here. I want to go back or maybe stay in Baguio but somehow I don't want to waste the energy of being young. I am more productive here, I would say and even my friends would agree. A few hours of sleep here and I feel so energized already compared to an eight hours of sleep in the south or in Baguio.

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  1. first, if you boil vegetables and are concerned about overcooking, use less liquid. if the liquid all disappears, then you know its done and if there is a little left when they are soft, eat the liquid too! the liquid contains all of the nutrients cooked out of the vegetable.

    second, my lola was saying baguio isn't how it used to be back in the 1950s -- i've read the letters she wrote to my dead uncles. the truth is that once baguio became a plan for the Americans, it was never how it used to be -- in a constant state of social change. that's an unchanging feature of baguio, constant change. =P

    let us know how the vegetable thing goes. one thing you can do is simply ask the seller of the vegetable any ideas on how to cook it. if the seller doesn't know how to cook the vegetable, don't buy it from them! then you find out who to buy from and how to cook!