Monday, February 8, 2010

dangers of not doing it often

I've read or maybe seen it in movies that girls become emotionally attached even to a stranger once they had sex. I'm a little bit suspicious if I'm becoming more of a woman. I went out with this complete stranger the other night. He was not good looking but he has this very nice personality that makes me like him. He was very nice. I didn't expect that I would miss his company this much. I guess its because I seldom sleep with people I just meet.

I guess if I am used to sleeping with guys I wouldn't feel attached with a person I met just for a one night stand. I have observed this when I was going out with guys every week. I don't feel any emotional attachment no matter how nice or good looking the person was. I guess this is another mistake I made for spending too much time with a single person. I'm really wondering if there is something wrong with me. Even if I just spent an hour talking with a complete stranger after we go on separate ways I start to miss them.

I don't want to feel any emotional attachment with a person. I'm thankful that I'm over with my family. Its one reason I'm scared to go home. What if I get attach to them again and I have that I want to have a family? I'm doing great with my life right now and I don't want to ruin it.

I'm here right now having the same question with one of the movies I've seen. Is it possible to live in this world without loving or being attach with someone? That would be great, I guess.


  1. a life long problem of when to appropriately socially adapt and when not too. however, falling in love with someone you really have a good feeling about can be quite magical and helpful.

  2. For me, right now, being attached is a matter of preference, choice. If you can handle the emotional consequences (the havoc or the magic of it, depending on how it progresses), then go for it. If you're not willing to beat the odds, then regress.

    Hope you find your answers.

  3. i've been there. and trust me, you'll get used to it eventually.

  4. possible yes but i don't think that's a life you would want for anybody.

  5. haixt. the fear of falling in love is indeed a part of man's defense mechanism against totally being drowned on the consequences of all his faulty acts, but i stand that falling in love is but a normal adversary of man's natural phenomena.

    I've been engaging with people whom i ain't known in the past, and never did i had a feeling over them.

    ahm, just never forget your objective why having a one night stand — just to chill — perhaps you will never be lost with it.
    yun siguro ang secret.

    before, i thought you are a guy hahaha.
    strange huh?

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  7. @somnolent dyarista - I'm a guy and I love guys too.

  8. hala! Bading ka pala?
    okay friends naman tayo eh!