Sunday, January 31, 2010

another disappointment

I just arrived from Mall of Asia. Since today/tonight is my last stay here in the Metro I decided to visit two three places. First is the Manila Ocean Park, second is Star City and the last is Mall of Asia since I will be meeting a friend there. My first problem of getting to these places is I don't know where are they located except for Mall of Asia. I searched online about their location and I just asked directions from my boardmates. Some of them are not from there but since they are here for more than a month already I have expected that they know the place, well, they don't.
I have read reviews about the Ocean Park and most of them are not good. Statements like, the place is better on pictures or it's too small in reality and just get bigger on pictures, etc. So I just decided to go to Star City. My fault is that I didn't read any reviews about the place since I was excited to ride on the rollercoaster. My boardmates know that its near Mall of Asia and that people there should know where the place is. I seldom hire a cab. They don't help me get familiar with the place, it's no fun for me and they're fares a higher compared to using jeepneys.

So from Makati I have to get to LRT and from there go to Mall of Asia. Everything was OK until when I asked a guy of how to get to Star City. He pointed out that I have to World Trade Center which I just passed by there a minute ago. So I have to get back from where I was and from there I have to walked a little. I was able to arrived at Start City but I was disappointed. Why was it shown bigger and nicer on TV and it was completely different in reality. Looking at the place, I don't know where do they shoot those images shown on TV. It was completely different at all. I would say that what they were doing on television is a false advertisement. I was imagining those people shouting and I don't think I would enjoy or get thrilled with the rides. I don't know. Maybe I just expected too much or I let my imagination work too much.

Tomorrow I will be in Baguio. Hopefully this trip will not resort to another disappointment. My charger got broken and I don't know how long will the battery of my phone last and I have to keep in touch with the person where I'll be staying. We haven't meet and don't know each other and if my phone goes dead, I'm also dead so goodluck to me.


  1. do you need any recommendations to the best spots in baguio? just post me a message! bon voyage!

  2. yeah, u totally need a charger. in this day and age, everyone needs a working phone.

    as for star city, yeah i agree it's smaller in real life. kahit manila ocean park. siguro mataas na kasi expectations mo kaya di ka nag-enjoy. expectations will kill you if you're not careful.

  3. I have a suspicion Baguio will not be a disappointment. Just make sure you get in touch with wanderingcommuter.

    And welcome back, by the way. We haven't heard from you for a while!