Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey, Wiki

In my desperate attempt to forget him I tried to surf on some howto websites. I've checked on on "how to forget how much you love someone" and "how to forget about someone important." I couldn't say that it help me. Right now I really want to forget what I feel about him yet everytime I tried I failed. Something deep inside of me tells me that I shouldn't, that those memories has to be kept. However as I keep on reminiscing those memories it just makes me feel very sad. I was hoping that I would be better as the new the comes but I find myself missing him more.

I received a message from him tonight. Some messages like take care and such but what I like most is that he sent me a message telling me to go back. I know I shouldn't do it because it just complicates things but I just want to. Right now I don't care about my dreams and what I want is just to stay with him. I remembered a story by Paulo Coelho " The Alchemist " there was a part in the novel that the boy meets a girl and he felt something special about the girl. Its a feeling that you want to and the desire to live and spent your life with the person. Could this be the same feeling that I am talking about? I am scared to take this kind of risk. For I have witnessed a lot of peoples lives that got devastated because of it. I hope I'm making the right decision.


  1. For me love's total extent is a mystery. Oftentimes we are ambivalent, but our emotions have their special ways on us. So, most of the time, we go with our emotions. But don't forget about your intelligence. The heart doesn't have a mind so it doesn't think. Our brain in not placed on top for no reason.

  2. the easiest way to get over someone is to cuddle, make-out and sleep with other people... you have to stimulate your brain chemistry to move on if it has gotten stuck

  3. listen to what your heart is telling you. it'll be clear soon. :D