Sunday, January 31, 2010

What can I do?

My day started just fine. I am currently sharing a room with other guys. One of them is a cutie. Nerd looking but cute. However, I think he is straight. Well I'm pretty sure he is straight, too bad. But still that didn't stop me from looking at him while he is sleeping. So my day just started out fine and wonderful. Until I went online and read the news about Haiti.

I am just so thankful that there are a lot of people that are braver than me and went there and help them. The news saddened me that they will have to stop the medical evacuation for the meantime because of budget concerns. I was thinking of how can I help these people? I don't really believe in prayers. If there is an old woman trying to cross the street would I just pray that she will cross the street safely or help her? I don't really know how to express my ideas in writing right now. I can't seem to find the right words. I don't have the money to help them and I don't believe in prayers. But looking at the pictures and the videos online, I can't help but wonder why do people still pray to God? Did they pray for these catastrophe and He answered them that is why they are still praying?


  1. i am not the religious sort, but i believe that god is omnipotent... we can't assign him human traits and expect him to think and rationalize as we do... ala lang...

  2. You just posted One of the most terrifyingly dreadful Truths you need to learn this early. Sometimes, there's just nothing you can do.

    Or you can offer a prayer, help somebody else, and drink like shit. Whatever makes you feel better.


  3. at times like these.. times where we are shaken, all we can do is lean on someone we know to be more powerful than us. that's why we pray.

    let's keep praying for haiti. i think given our individual circumstances, that's all we can do.

  4. our mind do not operate on the level of God. certainly, we cannot fathom what went through His mind why these things happened.

    it is in these times when we feel helpless and lost that our prayers and faith should be kept intact.