Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'm writing again...

Yes, I know it has been a long time (eons ago) since my last post. And I'm gonna be blogging/writing again. It is because in the next days I will be in a state where I need an outlet of my emotion (again). I'm gonna be moving to a new place next week. Hopefully I will find a new life and the new me.

It's just that I know I'm gonna be very sad because I will be leaving someone that I love and
someone that I will surely miss which I don't know yet of how long will it take for me to forget him. And I'll be needing your support again for there is no one where I can share this. As of this moment I am thinking of his characters or something physical about him that would help me to forget him. His been very nice to me which makes matters worst. I really don't like it when the thing that I remember about a person if about his best traits, its like a nightmare to me that would haunt me in my sleep for I will always remember that person.

I haven't been writing in the past months but I have continued reading books and will continue to do so and so with my writing.


  1. good thing you are back.

    have a nice trip.

  2. This made me remember Neruda: "Loving is too easy, forgetting is too long." You will made it through, I'm sure of it. :)

    Right. Write. When it feels like we don't have anything, we can always claim words. Their richness, their weight.

    Hope you'll inform us where you'll transfer.

  3. it was a great reason to stop blogging and you are quite welcome back

  4. manech pulled the words right out of my mouth. i was thinking of the exact same quote. it's one of my favorites from neruda.

    glad to see you're back. we missed u! as for the reason why you're back, we'll be here to listen (err read). :D

  5. welcome back, mate. we missed you HUGS