Monday, January 25, 2010

the storm

I've finally arrived. This would be a new place and hopefully better than the previous one, I hope. I was so tired for the trip and the moment I hit the bed I really wanted to sleep. However I can't. Instead I cried for several hours. I really missed him. And now, I can't even say that my decision to stay away from him is correct. I didn't thought that I was this attached to him already. However if I will not stay away from him, sooner or later we would have to take separate ways and how will I handle that situation when that day comes?

I dearly missed him right now. I should have left on a Friday and not on a Monday. We were together and shared happy moments last Saturday and Sunday and those are the memories that keep spinning in my head right now. Shall I go back and be with him again or continue? I don't think I can handle it the only thing I have right now is good memories with him which I don't want to end. This is the reason why I don't want to be attach with anyone, not even with my families however I was too dumb and such an idiot that I let my guards down when he came into my life.

I honestly don't know right now of what to do. Shall I go back or stay here and hopefully through time I'll be able to forget him and moved on and never commit another mistake. I honestly don't know.


  1. Follow your heart.

    Nice post by the way. I sometimes feel the need to get away too when I am hurt... But going away will not solve anything. Face it with all you have, your heart and courage. You may fail but at least you've tried...

    Hope everything falls into place for you...

    See you around. :)

  2. Forgetting is one of the things I find extremely difficult to write about, to think about.

    Or what I really want to say is that like you, I also find myself frequently questioning if I've made the best decision. But I guess, in the end, it's how we learn to adapt to the consequences brought about by our choices. To move forward without regretting.

    Hope you find your inner peace.

  3. breathe. it happens. and. hopefully, you'll see me writing the same words all over again. soon.