Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where are they?

It seems that I am not the only one that was gone for a long time in the blogosphere. I have checked my blogroll and I was wondering what happened to them. To these few people that I have followed since I started blogging. Only a few remains, where are the rest? What happened to them?

I have been busy updating my blogroll. A couple of bloggers have to be added. And yeah, there are new emerging bloggers that are very good. Their works are wonderful. I love reading their story, very entertaining.

I have to prepare myself too. I sense that there will be a storm coming in my life and I don't know what would be left of me after it. I will be moving to a new place. An extremely overcrowded place. A place where despite of millions of people living in a single area, the loneliness and isolation is far severe compared to the ones living in prison cells. I guess living in an overcrowded place is an ideal world to be lonely, as they said. Hopefully, not that much.


  1. it's barely been half a year since you went inactive but a lot of things have happened.

    i'm still here. :D changed urls though.

  2. curious things happen when corralling many people into small spaces ... spectacular spectacular in the words of the vernacular....

  3. It will always be that way, I guess. Some people leave, new people come in.

    And I agree. It's lonelier where I am.

  4. still here. alive and well.sometimes i really get lazy and forget about my blog. also, i got addicted to FB ^^