Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In my attempt to forget him I decided to explore the city. I ask my friend of how to get to SM Megamall from Buendia, I could not follow her directions. So what I did, I went out and just ask people along the way. I am wondering my do most Filipinos either gave me a wrong direction or they are just poor in giving out direction or I am plainly - stupid. The first guy told me that I have to get a jeepney to Mantrade and from there I get on the MRT. And so I follow that his advised. I never thought that it was that far and I don't want to ask questions with the passengers either. I just pretended that I also know the place. If there is a railroad, the MRT station is near, I thought. And so halfway there ( I just figured it out ) I spotted something that looks like a railroad and after I get out of the jeepney I asked people how to get to the MRT and they told me that I am still very far from the station. I still have to ride on a jeepney again, I just realized, I should have asked people instead of just relying on my own instinct. Finally, I was able to get to the MRT.

My second problem is which direction from Magallanes station do I have to take the train. I ask one guy and he told me that it was the one heading North, I don't have a compass with me, so I just politely asked him which one and he gave me directions. He said that I have to get down on the Santolan station. On may way, I forgot which station was that, I spotted a very familiar building, it was SM Megamall however I am not yet in the Santolan station. The stupid me thought it could be that they have expanded all the way to the Santolan station and the entrance was there. And so I waited and hopped out in Santolan and later I found out that I was far from Megamall. I asked people again and they all gave me directions to go back, others said I can get on a bus while some said it would be better to use the MRT. So I used MRT and got a ticket to Shaw. When I reached there, I honestly don't know where is Megamall and I was very exhausted already that I have decided to rely on my own instinct that tells me, I have to go back and sleep, and I followed. Oh, one more thing, a friend told me that I can meet him in SM Edsa and I asked people where is SM Edsa, some told me its near SM Makati and there are some other places. My friend told me its the one near Trinoma. People said that it was SM North, do you know what is really the name of that Mall?

Last night I received a message from him. It was about half past eleven in the evening already. I know him so well that during this time he is already asleep and I was half surprised ( I was really expecting it to happen ) that I received a text message from him. He said that he missed me a lot and he can't sleep, I feel the same. But I have to learn on how to forget him or else it would be very hard in my part if I don't.


  1. you are in Manila now? i think some coffee meet ups are in order!