Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I finally believed that you will never know how important things are until they are taken away from you. I know that you might have read this before several times but I am happy that I have a hands on experience about it. I already have a place to stay in Baguio. I will be staying there for a month and I've booked for a place to stay already. Hopefully I can stay there longer but my funds might not be enough. I'm travelling on a shoestring right now. I also consider what Line of Flight said that I can try Sagada. I've heard of the place somewhere, I'm sure but I don't know what is in Sagada. When I try to look online mostly its all about some religious stuff, I'm not really religious. The place is just too holy for me.

Then after my vacation I will be going back. I missed him so much. I missed him everyday. Last night we where exchanging messages till late in the evening. It's risky, I know. But the risk is worth it.

Hopefully I'll gain weight in my stay there. By the way is strawberry a seasonal fruit? Or is it available everyday?


  1. i think it's seasonal. kahit na parang iisa lang ang season dun. hehe

    and from what i heard about sagada, it's not purely religious. diba pugad yun ng marijuana? hehe

    i hope ur risks pay off. :D

  2. Sagada is beautiful mountains and caves... its a nature place with night time pagan tribal stuff

  3. never been to sagada. im envious ^^. enjoy and travelling on a shoestring budget is fun.a bit stressful but fun ; )

  4. uy, enjoy your vacation..sana nagsama ka..ehehhe

  5. wow, baguio! bakit for adults ang blog mo?