Monday, July 13, 2009

with green tea extract

I am not a heavy drinker but I can go farther compared to others. While others are snoring and drunk I can still finish one set of beer. I can't stand with heavy liquors, I don't have that much resistance but I love vodka.

I have promised to myself after what had happened the previous months that I have dated a man almost every night and some are not even just one, I decided that I have to control my night outs. But last week a friend of mine invited me for dinner, we ordered pizza and after that decided to go bar hopping. I didn't expected that we would went out. But on my mind, I guess sometimes I just need to have fun and enjoy life.

Bowdie doesn't want beer, he wants hard drinks but we decided to go for Gilbey's with green tea extract. The smell makes me dizzy. The taste is something that I couldn't understand. After a couple of bottles, I knew that it hit me but I can still manage myself. After a couple more bottles, I stared at my friend. He just looks cuter to me for every bottle that I consumed. I knew that its not just a simple admiration that I felt. Its beyond that. I fantasized him and me together in bed. I realized then that maybe that is the reason why we have been friends for a long time, two years. Well that is long for me already. Like its been two years and we still communicate with each other every now and then. I have friends when I was still young and I don't know where they are now, others can still be considered friends but we no longer have any communication.

I thought it was just the drink that makes me feel this way towards my friend but until now I still dream about him. My feelings hasn't changed. I still like him and its more than just us being friends.


  1. oh wow! i sooo love gilbey's premim strength.i wonder if it realy has green tea extracts. anyway, i would still drink even if it doesn't. it's super good.

    anyway, about your feelings.. they say alcohol just makes you braver but it can never make you feel anything you really don't. so you probably really like him. :D

  2. Haay, ang alak talaga... I prefer hard drinks over beer, at pinakagusto ko ang brandy...

    I think dapat siguraduhin mo muna nararamdaman mo, don't rush things...

  3. hay kaibigan lang pala kaibigan lang pala hay!