Monday, July 20, 2009

next month

I am planning to join a seminar about financial literacy. I heard a lot about the effects of recession among my colleagues. Most of them are terribly affected with the current state of the global financial climate. I can't say that I am not affected at all, but the impact is has brought to me is less compared to them. I think this is one thing that I have to be thankful of being an orphan. I have learned on how to rely on myself and to plan for my future at a young age.

I am planning to buy new stuff for my self next month. I have several plans for this month and for the month of August. I think I am pushing my self to hard this time and I so I have decided to finish Empire Falls by Richard Russo by August instead of this month.

I have this one little evil secret. I was really excited the first time I've done this. I have neighbor who has a router and is unsecured. I know its stealing and its bad but I don't know why I love doing it. So this the past few weeks I have been downloading movies and chatting courtesy of my neighbor. He is a techie guy though, I can't access his gateway but his wireless setting part is the one that is unsecured. So I guess, he has an idea that someone can connect to his network anytime and he is not against it.

I have downloaded Love of Siam and Freedom Writers. The thing that I hated watching feel good movies is the part when I become so sad. I cried a lot while watching both movies. I wish I was one of those people who can write and can change the world just by using your words. At the same time, a part of me is longing and waiting for the right time and the right person. I am waiting for that moment where I can love someone and never be afraid of losing them.


  1. I didn't realize Love of Siam was a feel good movie. I cried at the end too.

  2. I want to watch Love of Siam too when I heard good reviews about that movie. Yun nga lang, i don't have the patience of waiting to download big files. :)

  3. Where can I download Love of Siam? mukang interesante talaga siya. maybe, i'll make a review of that movie. =) nagsusulat po kasi ako sa dyaryo. =) school publication nga lang po.

  4. please lang po. i'd like to view it po sana. pasensya po sa abala. salamat din po sa inyong pagbisita sa munti kong espasyo.

  5. @rcyan m: i've downloaded it using torrent.
    ps. I love the shirt design.